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101 Problems That Yoga Can Cure

Posted in Human Interest with tags , , , , on November 15, 2010 by warisanbonda

Many people probably consider yoga as the sole domain of pretentious yuppies appropriating the tenets of another culture in order to seem sophisticated and hip. In reality, the discipline actually boasts an impressive plethora of health benefits suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. Patients suffering from diseases as diverse as cancer to obsessive-compulsive disorder can find some facet of yoga to ease much of their physical, mental and emotional pain. The following list peers into the various ways in which yoga can actually benefit treatment, though it does not intend to replace or reflect professional advice in any way. As with any physical activities, be sure to consult a physician before attempting a yoga regimen in order to understand any limitations that may possibly result in an injury.

1. Loosen up the muscles.

One of the major reasons why people take up yoga to begin with revolves around releasing any pent-up tension in the muscles.

2. Increase the range of motion.

Stretching out muscles regularly not only relieves pent-up stress, but trains them to attain a greater range of motion as well.

3. Keep muscles active.

Anyone who must maintain a sedentary lifestyle can offset muscular atrophy by engaging in regular yoga sessions to keep them active and stimulated.

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